iMAGsystems is a unique manufacturer of AV over IP products where we make the technology work for all stake holders. Tired of hearing about how the “AV system never works ”, we decided to do something about it and build into our technology a level of intelligence that makes our products a dream to work with.

We take the approach that software makes the end-points do their thing but what else can software do?  It turns out it can do a whole lot more. So whether you’re a consultant curious to know how a design is performing or a corporation that values usage analysis, or maybe just an integrator that wants to get the job done fast, iMAGsystems is making the world look a little differently at AV over IP.


Not all installations are the same which is why we give designers a choice on how they deploy their AV system. The requirements of medical visualization will be different to that of a K-12 facility due to many factors including performance, so choosing the right CODEC will be an important decision. Don’t be fooled by the one CODEC fits all approach, it matters to the end result.

The iMAG difference

A Matrix switcher, a video wall, a video processor, these are core features of AV over IP technology, except at iMAGsystems we go a lot further and take a wider view.  We go beyond to provide the tools to engineer an AV system that far exceeds what is commonly delivered in the PRO AV space. The end result of an iMAGsystems design is a solution that far exceeds the needs of all stake holders.

The IOT of AV over IP

As the world around us becomes measured, greater expectation is being placed on PRO AV to deliver a lot more than core video switching. Our management platform, Director, meets and exceeds that expectation by providing a level of insight akin to IoT devices. This new visibility not only provides answers on ROI but leads to fewer AV incidents  and happier presenters. Ask yourself, What  has your AV done for you lately? With  iMAGsystems, it’s done more than you expected.

Lightning has extensive video wall capabilities, it is the one of the very few products that can maintain full 4K resolution across a 2×2 video wall. Easy set up with crop and bezel correction ensure you content is viewed as intended.

Lightning allows simple point to point video transmission, effectively making them extenders for up to 100m at 4K resolution. Zero latency ensures that live video applications are no barrier for Lightning making staging and rental applications a plug and play affair.


Lightning offers any input to any output, the only limitation is the number of ports your switch accommodates.  When exceeding the number of ports available, simply link or stack multiple switchers to create unlimited size systems.


The 4K canvas is here and can be applied to any project at no extra cost using Lightnings built in MultiView feature. Easily display multiple sources in any custom configuration, all in high resolution 4K. Present and collaborate like never before.

Multiview Illustration

Multiview 4K



  • A leader in SDVoE management
  • Choice of 3 Codec technologies to perfectly match your requirements
  • Measurable ROI
  • Save time and money with an efficient setup process
  • Providing an experience to suit all stakeholders
  • A Managed software solution not just configuration
  • Delivering IOT functionality to Pro AV
  • Remote management and diagnostics
  • Design unique AV designs with a creative suite of tools
  • Secure and encrypted transmission