Introducing Lightning from iMAGsystems, the fastest video over IP product available today. Lightning uses Blue River NT technology from AptoVision, an uncompressed, zero latency method of delivering hi-resolution digital video over standard networking infrastructure.


Video distribution using networking technology brings an unmatched level of flexibility and scalability to video professionals, leveraging the best of IT technology with the functionality that the Pro AV industry expects.


Lightning delivers custom size matrix solutions with uncompressed video quality up to 4K, making fixed size matrix and the hassle of traditional matrix switchers, yesterday’s news.

Zero Latency

iMagsystems use superior AptoVision Blue River NT technology with zero frame latency. This video technology advantage has allowed 4K video distribution to be routed with the same uncompressed video quality as native and HDbaseT systems. Maintaining picture perfect image reproduction, with identical timing as the original source. This now redefines video distribution in the Pro AV market by marrying the efficiencies of IT while preserving the video reproduction that professionals expect.

Matrix Switching

Complete and independent audio, video and control matrix switching. iMagsystems Lightning handles the demands of digital video routing, ensuring HDCP compliance, maintaining EDID communication, all while controlling source and display end points. It is the ideal platform to base your next Audio Visual installation on. A revolution is taking place, digital video signal management has now caught up the demands of today’s and tomorrows Pro AV installation.


Never before in the history of Pro AV has a technology allowed complete flexibility as featured in iMAGsystems, Lightning. Incremental increase of inputs and outputs can now be created by a factor of one. Fixed size matrix systems like 16×6, 32×32, 64×64 etc are now obsolete, Lightning allows custom matrix size to fit your application not the Pro AV manufacturer.  For example using a 48 port router allows such configurations as 12×36, 30×16, 20×25 etc, all in a 1RU switch package.

Lightning has extensive video wall capabilities, it is the one of the very few products that can maintain full 4K resolution across a 2×2 video wall. Easy set up with crop and bezel correction ensure you content is viewed as intended.

Lightning allows simple point to point video transmission, effectively making them extenders for up to 100m at 4K resolution. Zero latency ensures that live video applications are no barrier for Lightning making staging and rental applications a plug and play affair.


Lightning offers any input to any output, the only limitation is the number of ports your switch accommodates.  When exceeding the number of ports available, simply link or stack multiple switchers to create unlimited size systems.


The 4K canvas is here and can be applied to any project at no extra cost using Lightnings built in MultiView feature. Easily display multiple sources in any custom configuration, all in high resolution 4K. Present and collaborate like never before.

Multiview Illustration

Multiview 4K



  • Superior AptoVision technology with zero frame latency
  • Uncompressed 4K video distribution
  • Low Latency JPEG2000 solution
  • Future proofed, easily expandable without replacing initial investment
  • Custom matrix sizes, increase I/O by factor of one
  • Distributed video matrix with built in redundancy
  • HDCP compliant with EDID management
  • Collorabration MultiView features
  • IT centric reliability
  • Integrator focused features