RAIN H.264

RAIN ENCODER BACKRAIN H.264 Matrix Switching

RAIN H.264

Introducing RAIN, the most Flexible AV over IP system for enterprise deployments. Utilising H.264 codec, RAIN delivers AV over IP over any existing network infrastructure thanks to it’s low bandwidth requirements of under 20Mbs per stream.

RAIN can operate in both RTP and RTSP protocols allowing software end point decoding like VLC players, but will also allow decoding by hardware devices like Roku and streaming televisions via local LAN, or even the internet.

RAIN has video wall capabilities, allowing configurations up 16×16 with advanced bezel compensation. The flexibility of low bandwidth H.264 together with it’s high video performance makes it an ideal choice for hospitality and higher education environments where the effects of latency are not a factor.

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Product Description

  • Low bandwidth H.264

    – Deploy over almost any network

  • 4K resolution

    – Future proof installations

  • RTP and RTSP streaming

    – VLC software decoding and recording

  • CEC control

    - Take direct control of displays via HDMI connection

Technical Specifications

Input resolutions up to 4K/30

Output resolutions up to 4K/30

1Gb PoE network

Latency 90mS to 350mS

Bandwidth variable to 20Mbps

Bidirectional RS-232
(all baud rates up to 115,200)

Analog stereo audio out (Decoder)

CEC control

Up to 16×16 Video wall creation

Unicast and Multicast Mode

Video wall bezel correction

228 mm x 111 mm x25 mm (WxHxD)


12v 1A inline power supply or PoE

HDMI 1.4

VLC H.264 software decoding

Input Audio Format-
Encoding: Stereo LPCM/AAC
Sampling Rate: 43 KHz
Bitrate: 1.6 Mbps(LPCM), <240Kbps(AAC)


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