Corporate environments are seeing an increase in the deployment of huddle space rooms. Endeavouring to maximie ROI, these spaces allow multiple presentations to take place, instead of tying up all resources in a single well equipped boardroom or conference room. These spaces, although smaller in size are expected to house similar AV connectivity and presentation technology as found in larger spaces. Multiple huddle spaces may exist per floor and with several floors, the distribution and maintenance of such a facility can become a concern. A distributed video system deployed using IT infrastructure will provide a more simplified and cost effective solution.

Codec farming, the practice of sharing video conferencing facilities across many rooms by centrally locating multiple VC codecs is a proven way to provide resources where and when needed. Video over IP technologies are inherently not suited for this use due to the nature of their latency affected distribution but that has now changed. Lightning from iMAGsystems uses Blue River NT technology from AptoVision, this features zero latency due to it’s unique Adaptive Clock Re-syncronisation (ACR) technology. This makes deployments of hi-resolution video across multiple presentations spaces well suited to Lightning.

A flexible and scalable offering, Lightning provides the integrator with a better overall solution and delivers to the end user, a more robust facility.

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