Staging Market

Project Description

Critical video imaging is part of daily life for the Staging and Rental industry, the demands of creative imagery, dazzling graphics and life like images push the boundaries of what is technical possible. Routing higher resolutions with extended distances has been traditionally done with extenders in CAT5 or fiber form with larger matrix switchers employed to handle multiple source and display destinations.

Video over IP solutions although being a more effective way of routing video has never been a consideration in this environment due to its latency. With so much video processing going on, the additive latency contributions of each equipment became critical factors.

iMAGsystems Lightning eliminates latency calculations for live production environments as it features zero frame latency. Based on the AptoVision Blue River NT chipset, the uncompressed nature of this technology ensures not only zero latency but also zero artefacts, all at resolutions up to 4k.

The cropping feature of Lightning makes it well suited for LED wall applications where only a certain part of the image may need to be shown.

Staging environment needs reliable and easy to operate equipment, which is why Lightning’s EDID operation has an intuitive design, a simple tap of the EDID button on the decoder is all that’s required ensure sources output at the correct resolution, up to 100m away.

In addition to providing point to point and video wall features, iMAGsystems lightning provides matrix switching functionality by simply connecting multiple encoders and decoders to a 10g network switch. This flexibility maximizes ROI, as combining end points to make a matrix switcher removes the need for separate expensive matrix products which may only be used a few times a year.

Lightning with AptoVision Blue River NT, is the clear choice for simplifying video distribution for the events industry.

Project Details