Project Description

The use of video wall systems is ever increasing, as it’s the ability to create lasting impressions is a powerful tool. It is a proven fact that messaging via video communication works, for better or worse, it is a you tube world. Quick service restaurants, department stores and entertainment venues have been early adopters and have benefitted greatly from this technology. Now that video walls are everywhere how does one stand out from the rest? 4K UHD resolution is how.

For high end fashion and boutique stores, quality is everything, the draw card of stunning visuals from fashion week or highly detailed product footage has immense impact on the shopping experience. The high pixel density of 4K video resolution allows crisp, life like imagery, and when viewed up close, a sense of realism is achieved.

With use of traditional 1080P video content, the larger the video wall, the larger the pixels are, which leads to pixelation. With 4K video containing 4 times the resolution, it is easy to see why 4K becomes an exciting proposition for high end video marketing.

iMAGsystems Lightning is not only a 4K a video distribution system but it can also provide video wall capabilities with stunning results. With the use of 4K content and a basic 2×2 video wall (use of 4 monitors) Lightning maintains the full 4K resolution across the four 1080P display, for larger video walls, 3×3 5×5 etc, the pixel count will always deliver 4 times the pixel count compared to 1080P.

For integrators, Lightning provides video wall bezel control with cropping capability to ensure your content is displayed as your client intended. The simple deployment of an IT based video system makes Lightning a very simple and cost effective solution for any video sized wall installation.

Project Details