Project Description

The benefits of employing 4K video technology are significant in healthcare environments. From viewing operating procedures to comparing  detailed medical results, the expansion in video detail make it a clear goal for health care professionals.

The resolution and level of detail that 4K provides is truly amazing, providing Surgeons with the confidence in the images they are viewing. With iMAGsystems Lightning, these stunning images are no longer confined to the OR room, they can be distributed anywhere within the medical facility. The clinical lecture theatre can receive the same highly detailed imagery as viewed in the surgery and the same or different camera views can be sent to the boardroom just as easily. Lightning provides unprecedented flexibility in the distribution of 4K medical imagery, all in real time, with zero latency.

Clearer images, a wider colour gamut and improved depth perception all lead to better decision making, particularly when differentiating the finer details such as tissues or muscle fibers.

The extended video resolution of 4K displays also provides the ability to display multiple hi resolution content on, up to 4 FULL HD 1080p images.

The use of AptoVision zero latency technology in Lightning products makes it the clear choice for healthcare applications where real time video feeds cannot be compromised. Display of multiple information like vital signs help improve diagnosis and potentially avoid unnecessary surgery.

Project Details