Project Description

Collaborative learning

The teaching space has taken many forms over the years, the recent style of POD teaching has been an incredible change to the former tutorial room/lecture theatre format.

An often unseen benefit of POD style learning is the facilitation of friendship and social networks. The gathering of familiar faces in this environment has had a positive effect on students looking after one another. Observational studies have shown POD teaching has resulted in active pastoral care by students, this has more quickly identified issues like absenteeism and learning difficulties allowing appropriate measures to take place.

The deployment of audio visual technologies in POD style rooms lends itself well to network video distribution. iMAGsystems Lightning provides distinct advantages through ease of role out, simplicity of installation and extensive monitoring capabilities. POD tables can be re-arranged at will as only network and power connections are required, proprietary cabling is now a thing of the past.

Lightning is powered by AptoVision Blue River NT technology, using standard based networking infrastructure, Blue River NT delivers zero latency, zero compression and zero artifacts. Capable of 4k over IP, Lightning with AptoVision inside, future proofs institutions to ensure they are ready for the inevitable move to higher resolutions.

Project Details