Project Description

Lightning is the perfect product for courtoom projects, due to its distributed delivery of video, audio and control and in an environment that already has an extensive IT based infrastructure. The courtroom of tomorrow needs to be ready to handle content from all manner of sources and resolutions, with the current 1080p standard expected to be phased out in favour of higher detailed resolutions, it makes sense to roll out a system that will handle 4K from day one.

Evidence presented in 4K video resolution has significant improvement over existing 1080p Full HD. With four times the information, 4K provides greater analysis of evidence in extreme detail,  providing Judges and Jury’s with better insight and improved decision making which all lead better outcomes for all.

Lightning employs  AptoVision Blue River NT technology, this ensures latency free video delivery, making it ideal for use with live camera’s and video conferencing. Traditional complex AV systems consisting of multiple video systems and control interfaces become a thing of the past, Lightning simplifies design, installation, operation and provides significant cost savings.

AptoVision Blue River NT is the ideal platform to future proof court room designs, it will provide better asset management and redundancies to ensure maintenance and down time are kept to a minimum.

Project Details